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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Come on NFL

Because of live television, we watched as Reggie Bush taunted Brian Urlacher during last Sunday's NFC Championship Game. We watched the Heisman winner from USC do a nifty flip into the end zone to punctuate his 88-yard touchdown catch.

What we didn't get to see as it happened was NFL big-wigs decide to fine Bush $5,000 for the finger-pointing gesutre A WEEK LATER.

Look, sportsmanship in all professional sports is down. Bush's decision -- while clearly not the smartest -- deserved a $5,000 fine like everyone needs another hole in their head.

The NFL blew this one. Reggie Bush learned his lesson immediately and, if he didn't, the 23-0 run Chicago went on after the score certainly taught him. If the NFL feels it needs to fine someone, there's an organization in southern Ohio that's probably near the record for most NFL players arrested in one calendar year. Go take some of its money.


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