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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Maybe I'm missing something

So I'm typing in some of the picks of our panel of experts for Sunday's paper and every one of us picked the Colts over the Patriots.

Now, I have a friend who works for the Colts. We've been friends for close to 25 years. And I'd dearly love for him to go to the Super Bowl.

But no one picked the Patriots?

Earlier in the week I thought about the Patriots. I was going to pick the Patriots. And at the end, the Patriots just scared me. Yes, the Patriots are in the Colts' head. But the Colts at least are playing defense. And I think defense is going to rule the day.

Which is why I was surprised no one picked the Bears besides me. Yes, the Bears' defense has struggled since the loss of Mike Brown and Tommie Harris.

But has anyone checked out Fred Thomas lately?

So I'm all by my lonesome with the Bears.

Here's the thing, I think these are two good matchups that you can make a case for either way. I was just a little surprised to see overwhelming favorites in both games.


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